Studying Medical Informatics

In the winter term 2000/01, the University of Goettingen started the bachelor- and master study program Applied Computer Science with a specialization in Medical Informatics.

The specialization in medical informatics follows the traditional, internationally consented health informatics curricula. Graduates are being trained to master the challenges of strategic and operational IT-mangement. After having successfully completed their studies, they are able to fill responsible positions in various areas of research and care in the health sector.

Graduates of the master-curriculum are also trained in the fields of collaborative research and data science as well as IT-management techniques. Thus, the graduates are well prepared for the start of a career in academic research or a higher operative position.

Since November 2012, the Goettingen bachelor- and master curriculum is internationally accredited by the International Medical Informatics Association - as the first german medical informatics curriculum! Our curriculum has been successfully reaccredited for the years 2017 to 2022. This gives graduates of the Goettingen medical informatics curriculum a head start on the international job-market.

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