The Department of Medical Informatics sees great value in the professional development of all co-workers. This means regular further training of research assistants and adminsitrative personnel as well as support in long-term career-planning. The close collaboration with medical and medical informatic societies presents attractive options of professional development.


Your dissertation is the next big step toward an academic career after your master degree. Goettingen university offers a number of Ph.D.-programs, the programs within the Georg August-University School of Science (GAUSS) are attractive for computer scientists, most common are dissertations in the "Program Computer Science" (PCS). Quite a few research assistants from the Department of Medical Informatics have passed GAUSS PCS successfully. Further information can be found here.

Professional Development

GMDS-Certificate Medical Informatics

A five-year training following a medical informatics study programm will be awarded from two scientific german associations. The certificate "Medical Informatics" is accepted as proof of your broad and substantial development in the field and is held in high esteem among researchers. It is being awarded by the German Association for Medical Informatics, Biometrics, and Epidemiology as well as the German Association for Computer Science.

Additional Qualification in Medical Informatics for Physicians

A three-year training program in medical informatics is being offered by the state medical chambers. At this department, Prof. Rienhoff is the certified examiner. He is also member of the examiners board of the State Medical Chamber of Lower Saxony.

Program for Development in Managerial Positions "Lead to Excellence"

A managerial position is one goal of professional and academic development. The preparation for managerial positions should be part of every sound professional development. University Medical Center offers the program "Lead to Excellence", which numerous research assitants from the department have passed.

Didactic Training for Research Assistants

Teaching is an integral part of every academic career. With professional development and quality assurance in education in mind, all research assistants pass one of the main didactic qualification programs at Goettingen university before they take over responsibility in study courses. Further information (in German):

Certificate Program at University Medical Center Goettingen

Certificate Program at Georg August University

Margaret Maltby Mentoring Program for Junior Women Research Assistants

In remembrance of Margaret Maltby, who in 1895 was the first woman ever to obtain a Ph.D. in physical chemistry at Goettingen University, UMG has called to life the Mentoring Program for Junior Women Research Assistants in her honor. The program's goal is to optimize career options for junior women research assistants in the sense of equal gender opportunities. In the long run, the program should help increasing the number of women in leadership positions.

UMG Professional Training Program

University Medical Center Goettingen offers its employees a broadly faceted training program. Members of the Department of Medical Informatics are regularly attending courses from this program.